Alquiler De Motos De Agua En Malaga

Do you choose adrenaline y water sports? If you enjoy risk sports y adventure, y you desire to take advantage of los good weather y summer to have actually fun in ~ sea, one of the most popular options space jet skis.

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If you are interested in renting un jet ski, either with or without uno license, for veinte minutes, uno hour, dos hours, 4 hours or ns whole day, top top your very own or con excursions, make her reservation now through WhatsApp or vía email here.

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an ext jet skis in Malaga…:

Puro Jet Ski

Puro Jet Ski is uno busines devoted to offering excursions with jet skis and the practice of Flyboard in the area that ​​Rincón del la Victoria, Peñón del Cuervo, Nerja y Maro, mainly. The excursions have ns certified monitor, insurance, vests, photos of los activity y Sea Doo GTI noventa jet skis with iBR for un maximum of dos people término jet ski. The is not important to have any license, card or degree.

Acantilados ese Cantal: treinta minutes – 60€/jet ski. Little excursions in Cantal Zone.El Peñón de Cuervo: uno hour – 110€/jet ski. From Varadero Puerto Rey, cross Rincón después la Victoria´s cost y the area of los Cantal in Cala después Moral.Maro: dos hours – 200€/jet ski. Beginning in Varadero Puerto Rey y following Benajarafe, Torre del Mar, Vélez, el Morche, Torrox Costa, till Nerja, where you come to beaches y Maro cliffs.Your own excursion: uno minimum of tres jet skis and in your own responsability.

Address: Varadero Puerto Rey. Avda. Axarquía 48, Rincón del la ganar (Málaga)

Tlfno: 622 cuarenta y dos 49 87

Jet Ski Tours

Jet Ski tours is ns jet ski rental service in Nerja, Almuñécar y La Herradura (Marina de Este). You perform not need any license to drive these jet skis (Yamaha EX deluxe 2019) and their monitors room certified. They market excursions con jet skis, jet ski rental for those con license, boat y sailboat rentals.


30 minutes jet ski excursions 80€ per motorcycle (maximum 2 people)1 hour 120€ (maximum 2 people)2 hrs 200€ término motorcycle (maximum dos people)

As for self-rental, the price is 200€/2 hours (maximum 3 people, fuel not contained in los price) or 350€/4 hours (maximum 3 people, there is no fuel).

Address: nombre de la carretera Antonio Ferrandis Chanquete, 25, esc B, 29780 Nerja

Phone: (+34) ochocientos cincuenta y ocho 95 00 93

Water sport Nerja

This service is situated on Burriana coast (Nerja – Málaga) and offers assorted water activities, among which are: rental that jet skis y other watercrafts up to 5 meters in length, banana bus, parasailing, etc.

Address: playa Burriana Nerja

Phone: (+34) 600 541 304

Boatyard the Nerja

Nerja boatyard has actually various services y offers boat rentals increase to 5 meters, sale and rental that Yamaha jet skis, parasailing, as well as boat trips with skipper, amongst other activities.

Address: Playa el Playazo, 29780 Nerja

Phone: (+34) 600 quinientos cuarenta y uno 304

Water Sports playa Rafa

This business located in der Álamos, Torremolinos, offers ns great diversity of water activities: rental the jet skis there is no license, parasailing, jet boat, banana boat, pedal boats, kayaks, paddle surfing, and many more.

As for los rental that jet skis, the price is:

40€/15 minutos 1 person – jet ski (50€/2 people)80€/30 minutes 1 person (90€/2 people)160€/1h 1 person (170€/2 people)

It has offers and activity packs, such as parasailing with a jet ski y others.

Address: paseo Marítimo los Álamos s/n, Torremolinos (Junto al Hotel la carretera Real)

Phone: (+34) 656 841 060

Benal rental Jet Ski

Benal rental Jet Ski es a company located in Benalmádena beaches and offer to rental jet skis, zodiacs, and also water sports choose Flyboards, Hoverboards, Seabobs y excursions.

A jet ski Yamaha EX deluxe Wave runner 2017:

50€/20 minutos uno person (60€/2 people)75€/30minutos 1 person (90€/2 people)150€/1 hour (180€/2 people).

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From 10h to 20:30 y from 20 minutes until 10 hours.

Address: Playa der Melilleros, Carretera Antonio Machado s/n, 29630, Benalmadena

Phone: (+34) 680 69 10 81

Fuengirola Nautic

With Fuengirola Nautic you have the right to rent yachts, boats and jet skis con different prices, dolphin sighting, parasailing, flyboard, excursions, bachelor party, parties, etc.

Address: Puerto Deportivo después Fuengirola, 29640, Málaga

Phone: (+34) seiscientos setenta y ocho 039 797

Jetovator rental Water Sport

Jet cielo Fuengirola is ns business to gain renting jet skis without patent in Fuengirola beaches, and water sporting activities as parasailing, excursions o boat rental.

Address: Puerto Deportivo después Fuengirola, local 48, 29640, Málaga

Phone: (+34) 638 880 027

Marbella Jet Ski

Marbella Jet Ski is uno business in Marbella beaches to rental jet skis without license, water sports as banana, pedal boats, and parasailing.


45€/15 minutes75€/30 minutes,Jet skis excursions, 150€/1hour or 280€/2 hours.

Address: boulevard Andasol, 29604, Marbella

Phone: (+34) 655442232

Alquiler Náutico Fuengirola

This company located in Fuengirola rental fees Yamaha jet skis without navigation license, at un price of:

60€/30 minutes80€/1 hour

You can additionally rent jet skis and enjoy ~ above your very own if girlfriend have a license:

130€/1 hour180€/2 hours (both con fuel included)300€/4 hours500€/8 hours (the final two hours not consisting of fuel in los price).

In addition, you have the right to rent boats, y several water activities.

Address: Puerto Deportivo ese Fuengirola, local 366.

Phone: (+34) 611326326

Aqua hora Marbella

Aqua tiempo Marbella is dedicated to water activities as watercraft rental, zodiac y jet ski, and parasailing, water skiing, and flyboard.


50€/15 minutes (2 human being maximum)160€/1 hour excursioin guided

Address: C/ Platino (Pol. Ind. Costas del Sol), 16, playa Hotel Puente posada romana y Playa de Cabopino, 29603 Marbella

Phone: (+34) 686 48 80 68

Jet y Fun Estepona

With Jet and Fun in Estepona you can practice water sporting activities as paddle surf, flyboard, water skiing, kitesurf, banana boat, watercraft padel, y rent jet ski.

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Prices (jet ski)

50€/15 minutes170€/excursioins guided.

Address: costa Hotel kempinski will Estepona