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Find and rent her dream bike representar 50,000+ bikes at an ext than 1,000 locations. Become uno Lister yourself today!

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with girlfriend have ns fastest y easiest accessibility to her dream bike. Secure y convenient, in just uno few taps.

bike rental, made straightforward

Find y rent your dream bike desde 50,000+ bikes at an ext than 1,000 locations. Become uno Lister you yourself today!

any time, any kind of place

with girlfriend have the fastest and easiest accessibility to your dream bike. Secure and convenient, in just un few taps.

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Alex rented uno gravel bicycle for ns Bohemian Border Bash

testimonial by: Alex

I didn"t have a proper gravel bike with bigger tyres for ns Border Bash, so i used come find y rent one. Ns handover procedure was seamless y I gained some i can not forget memories climbing ns steep gravel routes of the Bohemian Switzerland!

evaluation by: Alex

Schicke Mütze control their cycle rental service with


evaluation by: Carsten Wien, Schicke Mütze

For us, at los Schicke Mütze, it is necessary that we have the right to offer our bikes in one uncomplicated way y that the handling of los rental procedure is in jugadores hands. is therefore un perfect partner for this.

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evaluation by: no Carsten Wien, Schicke Mütze

Katja rented uno Genesis cycle in Cologne


evaluation by: Katja

Thank you an extremely much for ns opportunity to prueba the Gravel bike of this little known manufacturer (Genesis Bikes) in Germany! the rental empresa also noted us with a GPS track, i beg your pardon led united state to corners of Cologne, wherein we could test the many possibilities of this bike.

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testimonial by: Katja

Stefan rents fuera de his road bike con


evaluation by: Stefan

I recently uncovered, uploaded my tres racing bikes, y now me gustaría regularly rental them out. Ns great thing around it is to fulfill cool people, with whom me gustaría also walk for un ride.

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review by: no Stefan

Erik rented a race cycle for the Vätternrundan


evaluation by: Erik

I offered in June 2019 to rent a bike for los 300km Vätternrundan in Sweden. As un Swede living abroad, i found ns service excellent and really convenient as identificación could travel hassle free y everything to be taken care of.Thank you an extremely much for her support!

review by: no Erik

Anke test-rode ns SUSHI Bike con


review by: no Anke

We are supervisor satisfied with los service desde The crew to be young y very friendly y helpful. The bikes were prepared to go; we could empezar right away. We had rented Sushi y también Bikes, i beg your pardon rode really well. Also los delivery went without problems. All in all we deserve to only recommend and will certainly use the service again.