Aeropuerto Santa Cruz De La Sierra

Viru Viru internacional Airport is located 17 kilometers (10.3 miles) desde the Santa la cruz de la Sierra ciudad center. It is considered ns main plane of passenger website traffic in Bolivia. The airport handles many of the international and national flights in Bolivia. Ns main destinations activate are: Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Miami, madrid among others.

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Express buses and taxis communicate the airport con Santa cruz de la vio city and the urban area. Los bus y taxi stops room located siguiente to los terminal in the exterior areas. Due los high passenger traffic it is always ns good idea to have ns transfer servicio arranged in advance.

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Some around the world known rental a automóvil companies have actually offices in ~ Viru Viru internacional Airport, situated in the international flights come terminal.

The airport also offers ATM services, banco offices, Money Exchange companies, VIP lounges, conference y meetings salons, public phone call services, web booths y more.

Gastronomy – Inside los departure terminal you will discover some coffee shops and fast food services.

Shopping – Duty totally free shops, perfume shops, jewel shops, handcrafts y candy stores are located in the international pre-shipment area.

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Luggage - A luggage storage service is detailed to the passengers by hours or days.

Other services - 24 Hour medical services are accessible at ns front workdesk situated in ns main room of los airport. Los tourist information booth is situated in internacional departures area.

Handicapped facilities —apoyándose Viru Viru international airport has ramps y special facilities for handicapped passengers. Wheelchairs are available.

Parking area – Viru Viru internacional Airport has actually an ample parking area in front of ns main entrance with permanent security. That is complimentary for quick stays.

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Hotels —apoyándose  Viru Viru internacional Airport has no hotel inside its area. If you need lodging you re welcome make a reservation in advance. More information around Hotels in Santa superar de la Sierra.