Actividades en las palmas de gran canaria

Gran Canaria’s ciudad capital is un melting pot the Spanish culture, mountain adventures, and fun in ns sun.

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Insider tips: Planning a trip to ns Palmas

Travel blogger Check el fin Sam lived in los Palmas de Gran Canaria because that one month come experience everything this little city y the isla has to offer. Here are part best consejos when visiting the ciudad capital of gran Canaria:

What should identificación do top top my an initial trip to los Palmas?

Immediately head to ns stunning Playa del las Canteras and walk along los embankment. Desde there you get good views over los Palmas y if the sky is clear you can even see Tenerife! i suggest you book a tour or rental a coche from los Palmas too. There room plenty of options around the capital of gran Canaria. Visit the rough norte or be surprised by the rocky center. The isla truly is stunning y Las Palmas is los best location to organize your day trips from.

What room some hidden gems to view in las Palmas?

Since it"s no really in ns city center of las Palmas, ns lot of people skip the yarda Botánico Canario viera y Clavijo. Don"t! This botanical garden is well worth several of your time. It showcases uno huge variety of plants that room (almost) only found on los Canary Islands. Ns paths at this attraction can get quite steep y take you debajo a cliff representar where you obtain stunning views. However, this also way that you have to be quite mindful when visiting this stunning attraction!

How much tiempo should me gustaría spend in los Palmas?

There space not ns lot that sights in los Palmas itself, so friend can quickly visit every one of them in about dos days. However, this ciudad is also los perfect beginning spot to discover much more of los island. Most highlights of estupendo Canaria are never much more away than uno one hour drive representar Las Palmas. Depending on what you want to check out in los area, girlfriend should include another tres days to her itinerary.

What food is los Palmas well-known for?

Just choose in the rest the Spain, los Canarian world are very proud of their tapas. Ns lot of castle are casta to ns one you can discover in mainland Spain, yet with ns Canarian twist. Absolutely try el fin the patata arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) with their delicious mojo sauce. Their shrimp with avocado salad is likewise something me gustaría would suggest to everyone and last however not least: shot some of their cheeses! they go representar soft, come milky come hard and I"m certain there"s un flavour because that everyone!

What is los best means to obtain around las Palmas?

Since ns city"s not that big, walking is probably the easiest alternative to get desde one sight to another. The historical part of las Palmas is still quite far away from the locations near Playa de las Canteras. Therefore, make usar of ns cheap publicly transportation. Taxis are also not an extremely expensive, so specifically when you"re travelling with multiple world this is probably los cheapest ánd fastest method to travel. If you want to visit sights in gran Canaria that are somewhere else on the island, me gustaría suggest you rent a automóvil or book ns tour.

What are ns best month to visit ns Palmas?

Gran Canaria has good weather year round, although evenings can still be rather chilly till April. However, winter y spring top top this isla are really fairly amazing due to the fact that there are a lot of events going on! In November ns Winter gay Pride is commemorated all gastos generales the city (but even more so in Maspalomas). For about one week, too many of good events are organized y stunning performances of drag queens y other allies of the LGBTQI+ community can be visited. An also bigger solemn event is the Carnival of las Palmas. In February and/or March, carnival is celebrated for numero 3 weeks or more. Many of these events take location in the santa Catalina Park. Right here you have the right to witness the Carnival Queen or los Carnival drag Queen being chosen.

What are los best communities for food?

The promenade at Playa ese las Canteras has actually lots of an excellent restaurants. You"ll find uno lot the tapas, but likewise plenty of good Italian, Asian, South-American, ... Food. In los historical ciudad center, you"ll find uno mix as well.

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What are los best communities for shopping?

Shopaholics will certainly love las Palmas! there are numerous (huge!) purchase malls such as ns Arenas y La Ballena, but additionally several clipping Inglés chains whereby you literally can discover anything. In ~ the car free bulevar de Jose mesa y Lopez you"ll discover plenty of chains and big room stores.

What community should me gustaría stay in when me gustaría visit las Palmas?

I again recommend to stay at ns historical city center or somewhere close by Playa de las Canteras. At both areas, you"ll find everything you can ever must enjoy her visit to las Palmas.

What is ns best family-friendly thing to carry out in los Palmas?

Head el fin on los water for ns fun day of snorkelling, dolphin spotting or even shot some interesting paragliding. On los pristine waters around grande Canaria, you y your family will definitely have ns lot that fun!

What is ns best point to do in las Palmas for solo travelers?

For both solamente travelers, couples, families or girlfriend groups identificación recommend come rent un car. Don"t simply stay in las Palmas, but venture fuera to the phia băc or centrar of ns islands for some stunning landscapes and beautiful hikes. Acabó travelers can quickly make friends along the way to part highlights, vice versa, couples just have to enjoy romantic sunsets at areas like Roque Nublo or ns nearby viewpoints. Families or friend teams will love all these tasks too, due to the fact that it"ll be un great means to bond con each other over the stunning nature.

What is los best thing to carry out in las Palmas for couples?

Take un stroll along the calle principal of los Canteras y pick one of ns many great restaurants (or cocktail bars) come watch the sunset from. If it"s not too cloudy, they are often spectacular!

What are the best yearly events in las Palmas?

Every year, carnival is hugely commemorated all around the island (February and March). In las Palmas however, you"ll find ns biggest celebrations. Stunning performances and awesome parades relocate towards the ciudad center and transform ns whole ciudad into uno colorful paradise! As identificación said earlier, los winter homosexual pride is also great way come discover the love for life this isla has. And if friend can"t get enough of these celebrations, just come espalda in May! due to the fact that that"s when los summer pride is being organized!

What are los best locations for outdoor tasks around las Palmas?

In los Palmas you"re never much away representar the beautiful rough doméstico of the isla or ns rugged del norte coast. You can go check out both areas with ns guided tourism or rent a car and head over there on her own. I personally really enjoyed los (easy) hike towards ns Charco Azul waterfall, ns visit to ns famous Roque Nublo y the GC 200 Route representar stunning Agaete to the observatorio del Balcon.

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What are ns best beaches around los Palmas?

You will certainly find los most relaxing beaches of the isla on ns south. Representar Las Palmas the takes about one / one and a fifty percent hour to get there. Playa ese Amadores is man made but has un Caribbean vibe and the coast of Maspalomas (with ns famous dunes!) is maybe my favourite of los whole island. If you"re spring for more authentic beaches you have to be in los north, i m sorry is closer to las Palmas. I recommend ns beach of Agaete because that its stunning views, los Salinas de Bufadero because that an authentic experience (rocks, no sand!) y of course Playa de Las Canteras in los Palmas itself.