50 Km/H A M/S

From km/h come m/s is an extremely common in difficulties at school, high school, college, university. If you desire to avoid having to make a rule of three, our on-line converter will help you to do this simple calculation in between widely used speed units.

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Go desde kilometers per hour to meters período second in ns easiest possible way. Merely enter ns speed figure in kilometers período hour and after clicking on ns calculate button, you will obtain los value the the speed in meters período second.

If you great to from m/s come Km/h, we also have a velocidad converter the performs ns reverse change for you.

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How come go representar Km/h come m/s

In order to know how ns conversion in between these two velocidad units, we need to be clean that:

1 kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters1 hour equals tres mil seiscientos seconds

With the above data, we can create uno multiplication factor which includes both variables and whose worth we calculate by performing ns following division:

1000 meter / 3600 seconds = 0,2778 meters/second

Now, to convert a speed into kilometers término hour come meters período secondIf los value of los previous factor is not the same, you just multiply the by los value of ns previous factor. In short:

Formula to convert representar Km/h to m/s

If you are looking for ns formula to convert Km/h come m/sThis is the one you need to apply:

Speed (m/s) = velocity (Km/h) x 0.2778

There space some professors who express the decimal number of los above formula in ns form the fraction. In this way, they deserve to perform ns operation without uno calculator y leave it expressed with numerator y denominator, i beg your pardon is also valid. In this case, los formula would certainly be the following:

Speed (m/s) = velocity (Km/h) x 5/18

In any kind of case, the result is the same with both, so use the formula that is easiest for you come remember when calculating convert kilometers período hour come meters período second.

Let"s see just how to apply los change we have actually just defined with un very common example as soon as we talk around speed.

100 Km/h to m/s

We will certainly from 100 Km/h come m/s applying the formula checked out in the previous ar to check los equivalence that this speed in meters período second:

100 Km/h x 0.2778 = 27.78 meters/second

As you have the right to see, the is really easy come perform los conversion complying with these guidelines we have offered you.

How countless m/s is ciento veinte km/h

In situation there is any kind of doubt, let"s see one more example in i beg your pardon we room going to calculate how plenty of m/s is 120 km/h. To perform so, us apply the above formula again and obtain the following:

120 Km/h x 0.2778 = 33.336 meters período second

Convert Km/h come m/s in Excel

If you desire to know just how to convert km/h to m/s utilizing Excel, all you need to do is come open los spreadsheet program and type in an empty cabinet the speed in kilometers término hour the you want to convert to meters período second.

When you have actually written it, discover an empty cell and write in it los following role that will enable you to convert from Km/h to m/h in Excel:

=CONVERT(C3; "km/h"; "m/s")

In our example we have actually used cabinet C3 to write the speed in kilometers término hour but you can use any cell you want. However, remember come change los coordinates in ns formula above or it won"t do los conversion to meters término second.

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If you prefer, you can likewise write ns speed to ocurrir at meters período second straight in the formula. Because that example, if you wanted to transform sesenta km/h to m/s, you have to write it like this:

=CONVERT(60; "km/h"; "m/s")

Both choices are precious although using los first method, friend will have the ability to create your own Km/s come m/s converter in Excel as shown in the video above.

Table of equivalence from Km/h come m/s

Below is a mesa that will offer you un much clearer picture of los equivalence between kilometers término hour and meters período second.

The clearest instance is when we drive. We constantly have an opinión of los kilometers we take trip in one hour based on speed, however, seeing los equivalence in m/s helps united state to become mindful of specific things such as ns time we need for braking, la seguridad distance and a variety of other issues related to the responsibility of riding in ns car.

Use this table as you wish and if girlfriend wish, girlfriend can constantly print that to placed it somewhere wherein it will always be useful and where girlfriend cannot use our on line calculator.


What if me gustaría want to go from Km/h to Mph?

In this various other case, we also have a Km/h come Mph converter, two speed units the are offered in various territories and are very common in cars, motorcycles or even on road signs.

How does ns Km/h come m/s converter work?

If you have actually questions around how to go representar Km/h come m/s making use of our speed converter, in the video above you can see how it works with uno couple of helpful examples.

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As you have the right to see, whatever is limited to introducing ns number that km/h you desire to readjust to m/s y press ns calculate button to obtain los result immediately y save you any kind of manual procedure such together applying los formula we have actually seen before.
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